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Abogados Salvadoreños en Los Estados Unidos Y Los Angeles, California, Autorizados por la Corte Suprema de Justicia de El Salvador y con protocolo Salvadoreño, todo tipo de tramites legales a surtir efecto legal en El Salvador.


Representing and helping the Salvadoran community in the United States.

The laws are complicated and can be confusing to inexperienced eyes. Do you feel that you do not find the solution or do not have the appropriate advice on Procedures, documents or divorces for El Salvador? Me,  NELSON VALDEZ , LAWYER AND NOTARY SALVADOREÑO, leader and founder of TRAMITADORA LEGAL SALVADOREÑA,  I have offered my integral services to people initially In El Salvador  since 2005 and I have more than 15 years of experience. I know how difficult a legal process can be in Salvadoran territory, especially when you are under emotional stress and lack the necessary tools to obtain the best results.
It is for these reasons  That my goal is for you to understand each of your decisions on issues of Salvadoran Legislation, for which I offer my best version so that you understand every detail or faculty provided, for example, in a power of attorney and its breadth that it may have  in the legal sphere, or how we should handle your Divorce in El Salvador.
I dedicate myself exclusively to exercising the Notary Function from the United States for El Salvador and I also have a select group of Lawyers and Notaries in the Republic of El Salvador, which support  LEGAL PROCESSOR SALVADOREÑA and they make your life easier, giving the quality you deserve,  But I never forget that my clients are people with emotions and values and that we must respect their point of view.  I, LAWYER SALVADOREÑO NELSON VALDEZ , will personally keep you up to date and give you personalized guidance so that you can make the best legal decisions effectively. I will always let you know what happens at each stage of your paperwork, documents or processes in which as a Law Firm of Salvadoran Lawyers and Notaries you grant them  your trust or give us the opportunity to get to know us,  and I will explain every detail throughout it to make you feel that more than a client, you are a friend to whom we will be helping you step by step until you achieve your goals.

Representaciones en Demandas de Divorcio en el Salvador. Reconocimiento de Hijos, Rectidicaciones de Partidas de Nacimiento, Problemas con el Consulado Salvadoreño, representacione en todos los departaamento de El Salvador sin que tengas que viajar.


All kinds of Procedures, Documents, applications, Power of Attorney for El Salvador.

THE LAWYER AND NOTARY  SALVADOREÑO NELSON VALDEZ offers comprehensive legal advice and representation in Salvadoran Legal Procedures. If you are facing a problem or legal situation, I can offer you the best representation in Salvadoran Courts. I have earned a reputation for my creative approach to litigation and for obtaining exceptional results in areas where other Salvadoran attorneys have not been successful. I have practiced law with ethics and professionalism since 2005 and I can consider myself with extensive experience to give you the best results or advice in any area of Salvadoran legislation and Notarial Law. Have no doubt that you will be hiring with the most qualified and you will have the best prices and options which are not  I  make competition, if not rather your best option.

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