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Abogado y Notario Salvadoreño en Las Vegas Nevada y Estados Unidos, Autorizados Por la Corte Suprema de Justicia de El Salvador, con Protocolo Salvadoreño, Poderes, compraventas, Autorizaciones de Viaje, demandas, tramites de Partidas de nacimiento, dui, Consulado Salvadoreño en Estados Unidos y Mas..


We work to help the Salvadoran community in the United States, in the City of Las Vegas, State of Nevada, we also have offices in New York, Los Angeles,  and we provide service to people who are in the vicinity of the Salvadoran Consulate in Las Vegas and its surroundings.
We also have Lawyers and Notaries from El Salvador authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice, who are  trained to provide you with the best service in the United States, on specific issues  of the legislation  Salvadoreña and which consist of the preparation of Power of Attorney for El Salvador, Divorces in any city or department of the Salvadoran territory, representations before Courts regardless of the nature of these, being able to represent you in matters of criminal, family, labor, commercial, tenancy and any other, without you having to travel or leave the United States.

Contact us to inform you about our services  in the United States for El Salvador.

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Abogado Salvadoreño En las Vegas y Estados Unidos, Autorizados Por la Corte Suprema de Justcicia de El Salvador, Todo tipo de tramites y Documentos legales paar El Salvador sin que tengas que viajar a El Salvador..

We are a Salvadoran Law Firm and Notary Public in the United States and El Salvador,  with Salvadoran lawyers Authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador, our Firm is dedicated to providing excellent legal representation and advice at reasonable prices and we provide payment plans.

Our lawyer and Salvadoran Notary, Nelson Valdez, has a history and extensive experience in all matters related to Salvadoran Notarial Law, Representations in Courts of the Republic of El Salvador, Divorces in Salvadoran Courts, Procedures, Powers of Attorney, Notarial Letters, Power of Attorney, Solvency of Criminal Records, Solvency of Police Records before the National Civil Police, Lifting of Immigration Restrictions issued by the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration of El Salvador, Request for Birth Certificates from the United States, Paternity Challenges, Complaints before the Prosecutor's Office General of the Republic of El Salvador and More.

Whether you are in
  El Salvador or the United States, we have the solution for all those Salvadorans who want to obtain the best advice regarding the Legislation of El Salvador and are without a hand to guide them on Legal issues, or want to make a Power of Attorney we are here to you.

Allow our Salvadoran Law Firm and Notary Public, which is exclusively dedicated to matters of Salvadorans or foreigners who need Representation, Procedures, Petitions or Legal Documents in El Salvador, to provide you with a complete service of legal advice and representation throughout the Salvadoran Territory. We can help you deal effectively with governmental authorities and judicial systems in El Salvador, on issues such as:

  • Problems regarding your Request and Obtaining your Unique Identity Document

  • Problems in Your Birth Certificate  

  • Problems regarding your Personal Identity

  • Paternity challenge

  • Request for legal documents in El Salvador

  • Divorces in any Salvadoran Court and more.

Notario Salvadoreño En Las Vegas Nevadas y Estados Unidos, Tramites Legales sin que tengas que viajara a El Salvador.


We provide you with the best advice, preparation of legal documents and representation on issues of Salvadoran Legislation

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Divorcios para El Salvador desde Las Vegas y Los Estados Unidos con Abogado de El Salvador.
Demandas de Familia elaboradas por abogados de El Salvador en Las Vegas Y Los Estados Unidos.
Autorizaciones de viaje y de pasaporte salvadoreño de menores, elaboradas por abogados salvadoreños con amplia experiencia en la Legislacion de El Salvador.


Let TRAMITADORA LEGAL SALVADOREÑA be the solution to your needs in ANY DIVORCE PROCEDURE in El Salvador without having to leave the United States or have to travel from any other city, we do everything for you, preparing the Legal Documentation, as Powers of Attorney , Divorce Agreements, Jury Bond, and the direct Representation of your person in any Salvadoran Court.


Do you have a pending case or court in your hands before any court in El Salvador and are you in the United States? I am here to help you. TRAMITADORA LEGAL SALVADOREÑA has the knowledge, skills and experience to advise its clients in cases or legal proceedings before Salvadoran courts and the best you  CONSULTATION is FREE.


Are you in the United States and do you need to authorize your child to travel to El Salvador or obtain its renewal or authorization of a Salvadoran Passport? We have the Solution for you, this because we have Salvadoran Lawyers and Notaries authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador, which guarantees that said authorizations will have the desired effect for everything you need without any inconvenience.

Recomendaciones y calificación de clientes de Abogado y notario Salvadoreño en Estados Unidos

In TRAMITADORA LEGAL SALVADOREÑA, Our Vision is to Provide the best Service with the quality and adequate advice that all Salvadorans regardless of whether they are a resident or citizen  in the United States or abroad it deserves.  

That is why we carry out each of our tasks as Lawyers and Notaries of El Salvador, with the greatest efficiency, honesty and kindness so that you feel at home or in the best of cases that you feel confident and can observe us as a friend which Gives you legal advice or helps you solve concerns or legal situations about Salvadoran legislation that may arise when you are outside the borders of your country EL SALVADOR.  

Therefore, within our vision as a firm of Salvadoran Lawyers and Notaries, you will find the agility, experience and speed that you deserve in each of your queries or legal procedures for El Salvador from the United States.

Thank you for contacting us!

Abogados de El Salvador en Los Estados Unidos y Las Vegas.
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