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TRAMITADORA LEGAL SALVADOREÑA, Abogados y Notarios de El Salvador in Los Angeles, California, is committed to its Salvadoran clients living in the United States to provide a  energetic and effective representation in all areas of Salvadoran Notarial Law as well as the Legislation of El Salvador, our procedures, documents, services and  Representation includes a wide range such as the following:

Divorces from the United States to El Salvador, Procedures for the Rectification of Birth Certificates in the different Mayor's Offices of the territory of El Salvador, Child Recognition from any city or State within the United States, Paternity Challenge, Food Demand in El Salvador , Processes of Loss of Parental Authority, Birth Subsidiaries, Voluntary Jurisdiction Proceedings, Complaints before the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of El Salvador, Minor Travel Authorizations, Minor Passport Authorizations directed to take effect before the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration of El Salvador, Representations before the National Registry of Natural Persons (RNPN), Procedures and representation before the DUICENTRO, in cases in which you need help to obtain your Unique Identity Document or better known as DUI, Representations before Any Consulate of the Republic of El Salvador in the United States, Compr sales of Vehicles that are in the Salvadoran territory without having to travel,
  even if you need Representation before SERTRACEN, for Registration  and Registration of said vehicles and to be able to obtain your respective Salvadoran Circulation Card. In addition, we help you with any procedure or representation of Lawyers before Salvadoran Courts, even if due to your immigration or immigration procedures they are requesting your Criminal Record before the General Directorate of Penal Centers of El Salvador  o Police records Before the National Civil Police  (PNC). 

The best for you,
  is that all this is done from the United States by our Salvadoran Lawyers and Notaries, without you having to travel to El Salvador, so you can have the guarantee and security that you will be represented in an efficient way, taking into account that our Lawyers and Salvadoran Notaries  They are authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), both to litigate in any court of the Salvadoran territory, as well as to exercise the Notary Public Function in any country or even if you are in any city or State within the United States,  This is because the Notary of El Salvador has the power to carry out certain procedures and Documents which have legal effect in El Salvador, before any Salvadoran authority, so you will be in the best hands when contracting with us.


Notario de El Salvador en Los Estados Unidos y Los Angeles, Califronia, Con Protocolo de El Salvador y Autorizados Por la Corte Suprema de El Salvador.


Our Services as a Salvadoran Lawyer and Notary in Los  The United States may include, but is not limited to, the following: Powers of attorney  in General, such as Powers of Attorney, Power of Attorney of the kind you need, such as, General Judicial Powers, Special Power, General Administrative Power, General Powers that include a special clause or clauses, all of which are intended for the purpose you authorize or carry out errands, procedures or requests in Salvadoran territory without you having to travel. In addition, through the Notarial function, you can even empower by means of a Power of Attorney the sale or lease of any property or vehicle that you have in the Salvadoran Territory, Process your Tax Identification Number (NIT), authorize the withdrawal of money from an account bank, Cancel a Mortgage, Contract a Bank loan through a Proxy, terminate a contract, revoke a Power of Attorney, recognize a Child even when you are in another country other than El Salvador,  send your notarial certificates of Survival before any AFP, INPEP, ISSS, or authorize the purchase on your behalf of a property, even if it is ISTA who will grant you said property, We also help you with Personal Identity Deeds or better known as Judgments of identity, Affidavits, Affidavits of Income Sworn  and discharge, Witness statements, Birth Certificate Translation Procedures, Request for Records, Notarial Acts, Declarations of Non-Marital Union and more.

Derecho Registral en El Salvdor


Our Services in terms of Registration Law include the Presentation and Registration of Sales, Mortgages, Cancellations of Mortgages, Constitution of Usufruct, Term Sales, Incorporation of Companies, Registration of Balance Sheets, Registration of Trademarks, Request for Property Index, Lack of Assets , Preventive Annotations, Transfer by Inheritance, Registration of Declaration of Heirs, Registry Queries, Registration of Supplementary or Municipal Titles, constitution and registration of garments without displacement, registration of transfer of vehicles, and more. We do all this before any Real Estate and Mortgage Registry (CNR), Commercial Registry, SERTRACEN, or any authority where the registration, registration or cancellation of any Notarial Document must be carried out throughout the Salvadoran Territory.

Abogado de El SAlvador en Estado Unidos


Our Service in terms of Judicial Law, Human Rights, or any right you have in terms of the Salvadoran legal sphere includes, but is not limited to cases of Representation before Courts of El Salvador in any territory of the Salvadoran Republic, Processes ranging from Divorce claims in its different causes, mutual consent, separation of one or more consecutive years, divorce claim because life between the spouses is intolerable, Inheritance Acceptances, Inheritance Repudiation, Departure Cancellations  of Birth, Processes of Loss of Parental Authority, Paternity Challenges, Ineffective Filiation Processes, name change, Rectifications of Items, Subsidiaries of births by judicial means, Ordinary and Acquisitive Prescription, Supplementary Titles, Nullity of Divorces and more. We also help you in Criminal Proceedings before Courts of the Peace, Examining Courts, Sentencing Courts and Specialized Examining Courts in any department in El Salvador, as well as in Civil, Mercantile, Labor, Minor Amount, Tenancy, Family, Transit, Chambers , contentious administrative room, constitutional room and everything from  USA without having to travel.

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